How to Practice Football Skills At Home?

Before, practicing football and all other ball games can be done almost anywhere by youngsters who what to improve their skills. However, during these modern times where road traffic has increased dramatically, there are already so many rules and regulations that limit and even prohibit playing ball games on the streets. There’s no need to worry though if you want to be one of the best football players around since you can still practice your skills at your yard. No matter how big or small your home’s yard is you can absolutely practice by following these tips.

Use a Rebounder

Using a rebounder is one of the best ways to practice ball control. Simply hit the ball on the netting so you can learn to improvise kicking techniques on how to get your desired rebound. Aside from different ways of kicking the ball, players also learn how to use their weight and improve their touch for better ball control.

Practice on a Wall

If you don’t have a rebounder, you can still practice ball control using a wall at home. You can practice kicks and other techniques as much as you like for as long as the ball bounces back to you from the wall. To make it more challenging and fun, you can also draw marks on the wall to serve as your target areas.

Portable Goal

One of the most important things when playing football is to score goals and to do that you must also practice your goal hitting skills at home. Portable goals come in different sizes, depending on the size of your yard. They are easy to move around and lightweight making them easy to assemble and store out when not in use. Always choose quality football netting Perth to be assured that it will last long despite how many uses.

Practice Dribbling

Dribbling can be easily practiced even on small spaces. Make your own dibbling course using cones or markers and dribble to your heart’s content. Make sure not to touch the obstacles to practice your ball control skills. You may also try dribbling using the sole of your foot to improve close control skills and strengthen the muscles in your legs and feet.

Use Futsal Ball Instead of Regular Football

Futsal is similar to football. However, the ball used is smaller compared to the regular football. Futsal balls are denser and heavier which helps a lot in improving a player’s close control skills and improvisation. Futsal balls can’t travel long distances due to its weight which makes it perfect to be used on smaller yards or gardens.

Head Volleyball

If you want to improve your heading skills, try practicing header volleyball. Make a line or markers to serve as the net. It’s just like playing volleyball but only using your head to hit the ball. The goal is to head the ball into the other side of the net without exceeding two touches.

No matter how small your yard or garden is, you can surely use these tips to practice and improve your football skills.


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