Increase the Wow Factor of Your Pool with These Renovation Ideas

Having a residential pool increases the appeal of your property. However, there are still more ways to give your pool more wow factor. Whether you want to style your newly installed pool or simply wanted to upgrade the look of the old one, here are some great ideas to start with.

Underwater LED Lights

Installing underwater LED lights is a budget-friendly way of making your pool more appealing. You only need a few lights to illuminate the whole pool, plus they don’t consume that much electricity. You may install several colours of it under the pool and setup a controller so you can fine tune the different colours and intensity of the lights.

Glow in the Dark Tiles

If you’re the type who loves swimming at night or always throws a party at home, installing glow in the dark tiles are perfect to make your pool more stunning. These tiles absorb sunlight for the whole day and emit brightness for up to 8 hours. Be more creative and try creating patterns or symbols made from glow in the dark tiles. They might not be noticeable during the day but at night they’ll really a wonderful sight.

Firepots and Firepits

Firepots and firepits are perfect to add on any swimming pool. Aside from giving off light, they also serve as decorations or focal areas in your yard. During parties, the guests can use this one in roasting, socializing and keeping themselves warm during cold weather days.

Artificial Waterfalls

If you want to add a fresh twist to your pool, installing an artificial waterfall on its side is a great way. Keeping the water flowing in your pool keeps it looking fresh anytime. Waterfalls look more relaxed than fountains because of their free flowing style.

Add a Decking

If you already have a pool, installing a deck near it makes it more appealing and functional. Stone decks are popular today because of its versatility in style and decor. You can choose to place it all around your pool or simply at a small patch somewhere. Make sure you have the right amount of budget to be able to achieve your goal.

There are several types of decking to choose from based on the material used on them. Stone pavers are a little costly but they also last long and surely add value to your property. You may opt for cheaper alternatives such as pool pavers and for wider range of options and a modern design. Hire only the experts in concrete pool renovations Perth to be assured of beautiful results.

Pool Theatre

If you have an indoor or roofed swimming pool, adding a pool theatre is a perfect way to make it more inviting after a long day. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to watch your favourite films while having a dip. Just make sure that all the electronics are kept dry to be safe.

There are plenty of things you can do to make your pool more beautiful than before. Be creative and experiment on different additional projects that suits your preferences.


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