Top Reasons People Become Football Fans

There are several reasons why someone becomes a football fan. And even if the result of every game is still 50-50, fans still stick to supporting it no matter how many devastating losses the team experience.

Football fans are among the most passionate and ardent in the world. They are invested and the team they support becomes a part of them. They feel victorious when their team wins, as if they are one of the players who contributed to the victory. With this fervent enthusiasm, you would be surprised by the various reasons why these fans became fans in the first place.

Childhood Memories

Some kids who grew up with parents who are fans turn to become admirers themselves and often pass the tradition of watching games to their own children. These adults also watch the game because it reminded them of the time when they were still kids and they are reliving their childhood memories.


Parents and significant others become interested in football because of their children or their partner. They try to see what the fuss is all about and some became hooked on the sports as well. So there are those who show interest to spend some time with their family, friends and loved ones. These include parents who get interested in the sport since their children constantly beg them to buy AFL tickets 2019.

Fitness Motivation

Seeing your favorite athlete in tip-top shape encourages spectators to be in good physical shape as well. This is one of the top reason people become football fans.


Even if it is illegal (in some places) or the stakes are higher or even trivial like who would do the dishes after dinner, people become football fans because of betting and it is understandably so. Who would not want to earn some cash just because you have an inkling of which team is stronger and have more chances of winning?


There are football leagues with teams representing a country, a state, or a city. People obviously wanted to support their team and swell with pride knowing that their community is well represented by these athletes who are dominating the sports.

Game Snacks

Watching a football game gave us an excuse to eat buckets of chicken wings and to down beer mugs after beer mugs. Sure we could always eat chicken wings and drink beer when we want but eating it and drinking it while watching a game feels guilt-free because all the tension of watching it helps our body burn it straightaway. That’s why even if we already ate and drink a lot, we still feel hungry and thirsty afterwards.

Staying Outdoors

Football is played outdoors and there are those people who became fans because they love staying outdoors. The smell of freshly cut grass and the feel of the gentle breeze all reminded them of a good time and put them in a good mood.

There are fans that also thrive in a loud and competitive environment that’s why every stadium and arena feels like home to them. They like drama, controversy and a reason to be always screaming and jumping up and down. Whatever the reason is for these fans, it is reassuring that they found something they are interested in.


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